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Know Your Zone

Anyone planning to plant perennial flowers, shrubs and trees should start their planning process by using the USDA’s Ohio planting map. This map illustrates the average annual extreme minimum temperatures reported across the state by zone.

Simply locate where you plan to plant and identify the assigned zone to help ensure successful plants that can survive all seasons. There are a number of plants, shrubs and trees that will survive even the coldest average winter extreme temperature of -15 degrees F. found in this state.

There are three zones found in Ohio.

  • Zone 5b experiences lows between -15℉ and -10℉
  • Zone 6a experiences lows between -10℉ and -5℉
  • Zone 6b experiences lows between -5℉ and 0℉

Ohio USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

USDA Map Of Ohio Growing Zones provided by: www.usda.gov